11th Grade School Blog


It’s been two years since I’ve posted on this blog.  It only seems like only yesterday I posted my last essay on here.  You guys are amazing.  And now I’m asking you to continue with me in my 11th Grade School Blog.  It is more advanced, more written, and possibly more in depth of the subject. (I’ll let you be the judge of that).  So please follow my blog! And comment whenever and whatever you want to.  Thanks!

Here is the link: Perrissa’s 11th Grade School Blog

~Perrissa 😀 ^-^


Best Actor of 2015 – ADAM!!

Here is a funny little speech video.  Adam is my brother.  He has some very cool videos.  Check him out at adamdrummer.wordpress.com


Four More Events Part 4 – “Church Going”

Event IV – “Church Going”

For the first few years of my life (13 years actually),  my family had hardly gone to church.  When we visited our grandparents we went to church.  For years we tried looking for a church that fit our beliefs.  It was not until 2013, that we found the closest (even the closest to our house) church that fits most of our beliefs.  We have almost gone to this church for a year now. Continue reading