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Plunkitt’s Seriousness About Finding Jobs

   When it came to patriotism’s connection to obtaining a job, Plunkitt was very serious about it.  When Tammany (which was a Communist party in New York City) won an election, Plunkitt would help even more people find jobs.   Continue reading


Free Market or the Welfare State?

   Which of the following is better to greater promote your personal responsibility: the free market or the welfare state?  The welfare state is a government and they are responsible for everything you own and you, yourself.  The free market is you and everything is your responsibility.  Which in other words means you have to actually do something.  You have to get off the couch and clean your house, take care of your kids, buy your food, pay for everything. Continue reading

The Way I See the Future

    The way I see the future is most likely different to many other peoples’ views of the future.  (I am going to be talking about in the far future, such as 2045.) I imagine that there are planes that have hot tubs, pools, computer screens that just project in front of you, massage chairs, movies that you can watch for free, and all you have to do is say what you want and you will have it pretty much. Continue reading

Washington’s Program for Blacks (and Whites)

   Booker T. Washington’s program for blacks did not support the idea of an elitist program.  He did not see blacks greater than whites.  I am sure that he saw them as equals.  He made the program to encourage blacks that they are the same as the whites.   Continue reading