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People Who Might Read My Autobiography

   I would like my autobiography to be read by people who want to read it.  I would really like my children, relatives, my children’s children, etc. to read it.  Let’s say I died at a young age in my adulthood.  My children would not know anything about me.  They would probably hear about my life from their father.  However, if they wanted to know more they could just go and open up my autobiography and read.  If my relatives were interested in my life, they too could read about it.  The same would go for my grandchildren, etc. Continue reading


The Remnant

Will the Remnant ever become the majority?  Yes, I believe it will.  The Remnant is basically the Bible and about the Story about Jesus’ love.  Jesus loved us so much that He went away from the most amazing place ever and from His Father.  He died for our sins and He took our place.   Continue reading

Benefits of Writing an Autobiography at a Young Age

  If I were to write my autobiography this year, I would have several benefits.  First, I would start writing at a young age.  Being at a young age I can remember several things in my young childhood than I would probably at an old age.  I, also, would begin learning writing skills, and which best fits me.  I would become a better writer as I go. Continue reading

A Biography About Me

Let’s say that I died and I was a friend with a writer, and she decided that my life was kinda interesting and she wanted to write a biography about me.  Firstly, I did not tell her much about me.  Secondly, she has little idea of my childhood, youth, teenage years, adulthood, and possibly old age years, my family, friends, etc.  For the most part she has to guess what occurred in my life, how my family and friends were to me, etc.   Continue reading