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Human Rights and 100% Self-Ownership

   At the time of the Age of Discovery, the Spaniards recognized that ALL human beings have rights.  When the Spaniards were claiming land in the New World (North and South America), they were taking away from the Indians — their land.  Not only did they take the Indians’ land, the Spaniards made the Indians their slaves. Continue reading


Henry Thoreau and the Division of Labor


   Henry David Thoreau was not dependent on the division of labor while staying at Walden Pond.  In fact, he disliked the idea of the division of labor.  He thought that people would become so dependent on the division of labor, that we would rely on something or someone else to be able to help us pay for our meals, clothes, etc. Continue reading

Solomon Northup’s Use of Contrasts

   Solomon Northup used contrasts throughout his autobiography, 12 Years a Slave (Now a movie).  He would use them to tell you about the difference of a how blackman was treated in the North or South, the difference between slave owners, etc.  “How could I adopt Northup’s technique of using contrasts?” Continue reading

Separation from Children in Slavery


   In 12 Years a Slave, Solomon Northup, a once-free man, was separated from his family and friends.  He was separated from his three children: Elizabeth, Margaret, and Alanzo.  Northup was kidnapped and made into a slave.  He did not have a chance to even say goodbye to his children or even hug them.   Continue reading