The Free Market and Fascism


   There is a standard claim about the society of Sweden.  That claim is that Sweden’s society prospered greatly without the free market and instead with government intervention.     Sweden was the 14th industrialized country in the world in 1993.  You would probably say that is pretty good for country being runned by the government.  However, that is the seen and I will tell you what is unseen.

What is unseen is a whole lot better than what is seen.  Sweden was actually the 4th most industrialized country in the world before it had a lot of government intervention, but instead, the free market.  They also avoided war.  By 1993, with a ton of government intervention, Sweden paid higher taxes, had two decades of lower growth, etc.  Government spended 71.7% of GDP.  If you want to live in a country where there is really low taxes, and hardly any government intervention, then choose the free market.


Fascism is basically nationalism.  Take a look at some fascists like, Mussolini and Hitler.  They were all about their own country.  They wanted their country to be the one country looked upon and awed.  They glorified the state and their power of the military.  They wanted their country or state to be the one with all the power.



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