Capitalism and Communism

Karl Marx criticized capitalism.  He said that communism was better.  The following is what Karl Marx has to say about capitalism and communism.  He said that capitalism makes producers produce what the market (the people) wants.  However, being under communism is “better”, because the producers will be able to produce what they (the producer) wants to produce.  Therefore capitalism states that the producers should produce what the people want, and communism states that the producer makes what he wants to make.

Think about about it.  Would you, as the buyer or even the producer, want to be under capitalism or communism?  I would want to be under capitalism.  For example, under communism, I can make what I want to produce.  Let’s say that I want make stickers, and nobody likes any of the stickers I made.  Therefore, I am going out of business.  However, if I made stickers that the people want, I would earn a lot of money.  In most cases, make what you want = losing customers and the business, or make what they want = staying in business.


Lenin, another believer in communism, wrote a book called What Is To Be Done?.  In his book he stated that the wage-earners (proletarians) were never going to rise up in revolution, and that trade unionism is all they would do.  Therefore, Lenin said he would raise money for his revolutionaries to help the proletarians by robbing banks and other ways of stealing money.

Lenin also created the New Economic Policy.  The Red Army was stealing food from peasants who were already starving.  Lenin stated in the New Economic Policy that government goons were not allowed to take any more food from anybody.  The peasants would have to pay a tax in kind however.

The Ukrainian terror-famine was very terrible.  It took over 5.2 million lives.  Lenin was frustrated.  He banned scholars, economists, and philosophers from the country for basically no reason.  He also urged the confiscation of Russian Church valuables.  Why?  I don’t have an explanation.



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