African Government, Public Choice, and Military Production

Africa, under government rule, had a huge success.  A huge success of failing terribly.  There is the problem — government rule.  Oops.  With the government in power, as we all know, bad things happen to the people and the economy.  With the problem of Africa, copper became expensive, the leader spends money for himself on like eleven palaces, Zaharians (Africans) were forced to change their Christian names to African names, Christmas celebration was banned, people not allowed to wear Western clothing, etc.  Other terrible things like the examples above happened because of their government intervening.


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   There are several arguments about Public Choice school of economics.  I am only going to talk about two arguments about Public Choice.

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   The first argument is about the government and the people or the public.  We, the people (this time including the government) are all the same.  The government is made up of what?  Us.  Ever heard the saying above?    This saying is similar to what I am trying to say which is the government wants the best for itself, just like we do.  For example, let’s say you are going to the store to buy a tablet.  The tablet at Walmart is $200.  You then go online to and find that it is $150.  It is the same brand and it is cheaper.  You also look at other stores for the same tablet and try to find the store with the cheapest price.  You also try to see if you can find a better tablet but possibly less money.  The government is going crazy.  They see you trying to save money, and they are frustrated.  People everywhere are trying to save money, but the government wants the big bucks.


    The second argument is this: voting.  You do not always get what you want out of voting.  For example, you can go to the store and buy the candy for your child’s easter basket that your child likes.  Voting however is like this:  You cannot buy the candy you want for your child.  The only things left are pre-made easter baskets.  One has the candies you wanted to buy, but it also has peanuts, and other things your child does not like.  The other basket has the things the child does not like, but a few things she does like.   You choose the basket that has the most of the things she likes.  The same is for voting.  The people you vote for most of the time, do not have all the things you like.


Front-loading and political engineering have to do with military production.  Front-loading is when the government or even the military basically lies to you.  They can tell you – “Oh, we are trying to build a submarine that can withstand anything, even underwater missiles and it will only cost $100.”  You then give the government some money.  Later they reply back with, “Actually…the submarine costs $100,000.  Also, it is actually not going to be able to withstand underwater missiles.”  This is front-loading, and lying.

Political engineering is when the product of our submarine example is spread around to political districts all around the US.  Then we have this political sector taxing the people for part of the submarine.  Then the next sector.  The government tries to keep getting more and more money for themselves.  Yep, that’s right — pride.



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