Four More Events Part 3 – “Our New House(s)”

Event III – “Our New House(s)”

Ever since 2006, my family (both) had been moving very one. two, or three years.  My dad, brother, and I left (my favorite house that we have ever lived in) in 2006.  We then went to Virginia, and rented a house for one year.  In 2007, we moved back to Florida, rented.  My Dad married Mom, and then we moved again in 2008, rented.  We then stayed there until 2010, when we moved to a new house and rented.

Finally in 2013, we moved to our own house, the house that we live in today.  I still however, like the first house mentioned better.  This house is also two-stories high.  It contains 2.5 acres of land, black bears, turkeys, deer, bunnies, rabbits, snakes, spiders, woods, a swing set, a treehouse, etc.  We have all kinds of animals mentioned above walking across our yard, sometimes right up close to the house.  I have come pretty much face-to-face with a black bear, deer, rabbit, turkey, snake, spider (this one I mean literally face-to-face), and others.  This house is awesome, but still I like the first two-story one…



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