Four More Events Part 4 – “Church Going”

Event IV – “Church Going”

For the first few years of my life (13 years actually),  my family had hardly gone to church.  When we visited our grandparents we went to church.  For years we tried looking for a church that fit our beliefs.  It was not until 2013, that we found the closest (even the closest to our house) church that fits most of our beliefs.  We have almost gone to this church for a year now.

We started coming at around VBS time.  I was baptized for the first time ever, and I had been waiting for years to be baptized.  I have been volunteering at my church.  I help my fellow volunteers with the kindergartners-fourth graders on the even day Sundays and the fifth Sunday if there is one.  We help them sing praises to God, give them a lesson, they watch a skit about the lesson, then we go to small groups.  Small groups is when we split the kids up into different rooms, and we help them out with crafts about the lessons and talk about what they learned that day.

On the odd Sundays, I go to the service.  Pastor Jerry will talk about a problem that Christians have and will have, but encourages us that when we go through those time God will be there with us.  I attend the high school/college youth group called Uprising.  We also pretty much do what we during the Sunday morning service, except we also play games like nine-square, octagon dodge ball, drop-the-keys, etc.

I really love this church.  The people there are my family, and I love them all.  I can go there and know that people will still care for me even if they know my dark sides, sins, etc.  I thank God for that.

P.S.  I also thank God for you all who have stuck with me this school year.  I will have a new blog for next year’s school year.  YAY! — 10th Grade.  God be with You!!!!!!! ❤  I love you all!! Thank you so very much again!



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