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Hi and welcome to my blog! My name is Perrissa.  I just recently turned 14 years old and am a Christian.   Here are some movies I like: Harry Potter 1-7 part 2, Star Wars 1-6 probably soon 7, Lord of the Rings Trilogy , The Hunger Games, Avengers, Thor, Captain America, Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones 1-4, etc.   Some shows I like: Star Wars the Clone Wars, Terra Nova, Knight Rider, The A-team, Once Upon a Time, etc.  I like to play some games sometimes: Minecraft, Free Realms, Lego Harry Potter and Star Wars, Just Dance 1-4 and 2014, Star Wars Lightsaber Duels, Pottermore, Hogwarts Extreme, etc. (If you play Pottermore or HEX, let me know!)

 My blogging site is all about what I learn in the Ron Paul Curriculum 9th Grade.  I take 5 courses: Public Speaking (which I stand in front of a camera, 2 people or a live audience and give a speech), Government 1A and 1B (where I learn about government and what it is actually doing to America today), English I (which I read autobiographies and learn how to become a better writer), Mathematics 9, and Science 9th Grade (includes Physics, Chemistry, etc.).  Every week I will most likely post videos for Public Speaking, essays for Government 1A and 1B, and English I.  Thanks for checking out my site and please check it out weekly if you want!

For more information about Perrissa please see: A Bit About Perrissa (Warning: video is VERY quiet).   Also, I have three blogs right now here they are and feel free to check them out:

Perrissa’s 9th Grade School Blog

Perrissa’s 10th Grade School Blog

Perrissa’s 11th Grade School Blog

Note:  I will hopefully have two new sites on WordPress for Harry Potter fans and the other one for Star Wars fans!  Therefore keep your eyes open! 🙂



15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I also love Star Wars. I can’t wait until Star Wars will come out. It is going to be out on Dec. 18. Have you read Fablehaven? I finished reading the second book of it. Thanks for following my blog 🙂 Oh and let me know if you have some new smiley faces because I am a face freak 😛

    My Blog is: sbessays.wordpress.com


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