The Remnant

Will the Remnant ever become the majority?  Yes, I believe it will.  The Remnant is basically the Bible and about the Story about Jesus’ love.  Jesus loved us so much that He went away from the most amazing place ever and from His Father.  He died for our sins and He took our place.   Continue reading


State-run Churches and Schools

What is the difference between state-subsidized churches and state-subsidies schools?  Is there even a difference?  There is one difference, but there are a lot of similarities.   Continue reading

Free Market or the Welfare State?

   Which of the following is better to greater promote your personal responsibility: the free market or the welfare state?  The welfare state is a government and they are responsible for everything you own and you, yourself.  The free market is you and everything is your responsibility.  Which in other words means you have to actually do something.  You have to get off the couch and clean your house, take care of your kids, buy your food, pay for everything. Continue reading

If the State was the Source of our Human Rights

If the state was the source of your human rights (it probably is trying to right now and maybe in some states it is),  then your world would be theirs.  The state would own your property, lifestyle, home, job, business, kids, husband or wife, and everything including your life.  The state could make you do what they want you to do for them.  You would serve the state really as a slave. Continue reading