The “Living” Constitution and Nullification

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Before the American Revolution, the British and the colonists had “a living, breathing” constitution.  They did not have a written constitution.  Instead, the colonists thought that if their government violated a really old tradition, then their government was unconstitutional.   Continue reading


Theories of the Modern State and the Union

There are two theories (more like models) of the modern state.  These models were created by Althusius and Hobbes.  Each have their own.   Continue reading

Taxing, WMS, and the Welfare State


     Taxing is used by the government to steal YOUR money that YOU earned YOURSELF.  There are a few principles used to say why the government should tax you.  One is the benefit principle.  The benefit principle is the reason why the government taxes you.  It states that you should give some percentage of what you earn to the government because of what they have done for you. Continue reading

Problems with the Environment and Prohibition of Illegal Drugs


Private-property can help solve the environmental problems and it has tried to.  For example, pollution affected a person’s property and he went over and complained to the government.  They (the government) found ways to prevent some of the pollution problems.  However, the government said, “Wait, we want to become the best industrial nation, therefore we do not care about your private property, anymore.”  Private-property did help a little bit in this case, but the issue now is the government.

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