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Four More Events Part 4 – “Church Going”

Event IV – “Church Going”

For the first few years of my life (13 years actually),  my family had hardly gone to church.  When we visited our grandparents we went to church.  For years we tried looking for a church that fit our beliefs.  It was not until 2013, that we found the closest (even the closest to our house) church that fits most of our beliefs.  We have almost gone to this church for a year now. Continue reading


Four More Events Part 3 – “Our New House(s)”

Event III – “Our New House(s)”

Ever since 2006, my family (both) had been moving very one. two, or three years.  My dad, brother, and I left (my favorite house that we have ever lived in) in 2006.  We then went to Virginia, and rented a house for one year.  In 2007, we moved back to Florida, rented. Continue reading

Ant Wars or Loons

images (2) VS. loon_hagge06

Would I included longer descriptions about ant wars or loons in my autobiography?  Neither.  I might add a few interesting stories about what I saw in my life.  However, I would not take up pages about my life talking about ant wars or loons in really long descriptions, as Henry David Thoreau did.   Continue reading

My Autobiography Compared to Darwin’s


   How would I make my autobiography different from Darwin’s?  First of all, Darwin’s autobiography was a lot different from the other autobiographies I have read in my English I course.  He did not really talk about his culture, family, and barely even himself.  I barely have an idea of what his children were like or his wife.  His autobiography was basically about his works, such as his books, studies, etc. Continue reading

Reconstructed Speeches in my Autobiography?

Would I want to have reconstructed speeches in my autobiography?  Yes and no.  I would want to add some original speeches that had a good message and barely had any mess ups.  I would though, keep some mistakes (including large mistakes) that I may have had in it. Continue reading