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Four More Events Part 4 – “Church Going”

Event IV – “Church Going”

For the first few years of my life (13 years actually),  my family had hardly gone to church.  When we visited our grandparents we went to church.  For years we tried looking for a church that fit our beliefs.  It was not until 2013, that we found the closest (even the closest to our house) church that fits most of our beliefs.  We have almost gone to this church for a year now. Continue reading


Four More Events Part 3 – “Our New House(s)”

Event III – “Our New House(s)”

Ever since 2006, my family (both) had been moving very one. two, or three years.  My dad, brother, and I left (my favorite house that we have ever lived in) in 2006.  We then went to Virginia, and rented a house for one year.  In 2007, we moved back to Florida, rented. Continue reading

Four More Events Part 2 – “A New Family

Event II – “A New Family”


Two or three years after my Birth-Mother past away, my Dad married my now-step-Mom, Billie Jo.  May 17, 2007, was the day my parents said, “I do”.  My brothers were the best men, and I was the “bridesmaid”. Continue reading

Four More Events Part 1 – “My First Family”

The following post(s) that you are about to read, contain the final words of this final essay for my 9th grade school year.  The essay is four parts, and these four events will definitely be in my future autobiography.  I just want to thank all of my followers and viewers for being great followers, viewers, readers, fellow students, likers, etc.  🙂  I hope this final essay is to your enjoyment.  Thank you so much. Continue reading

Two Major Turning Points

 My first turning point in my life was losing my birth mom in 2004 or 2005.  She died when I was 4 or 5 and my brother was 2 or 3.  Several years later,  my dad married my step-Mom.  I was not happy.  I was 7 by that time.  I did not fully understand that you could get married more than once.  I had 3 three more brothers by the year of 2008.

 Recently I had a boyfriend.  He did not talk to me for four months.  It turns out that he liked another girl who lived closer to him.  That is why he did not talk to me.  Just a few days ago,  he and I were supposed to break up.  I was going to let him break up with me at first since he wanted to hang out with this other girl.  All he said was, “We can still be friends.”  I did not break up with him because I was totally confused.  “Breaking up” is really weird and sometimes hard too.  However, that was one of my major turning points.