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Solomon Northup’s Use of Contrasts

   Solomon Northup used contrasts throughout his autobiography, 12 Years a Slave (Now a movie).  He would use them to tell you about the difference of a how blackman was treated in the North or South, the difference between slave owners, etc.  “How could I adopt Northup’s technique of using contrasts?” Continue reading


The South’s Slave System

Did John Thompson provide proof that the South’s slave system was morally evil?

   Yes and no.  John Thompson did prove that the South’s slave system was morally evil, but it seems he thought that it depended on the owner.  There were nice, semi-nice, semi-bad, bad, and really bad owners. Continue reading

Relationship Between Sanctions and Slavery

   The following is the relationship between sanctions and slavery according to John Thompson:

   There were negative sanctions for the slaves.  If the slave owner did not treat the slaves decently, then the slaves would not be willing to work for that owner very well.  For example, if the slave owner did not dress, feed, treat, etc. the slaves fairly, then the slaves will have less effort to work for that owner. Continue reading

Thoughts on Slavery – Booker T. Washington

Booker T. Washington was a little slave boy during the ending of the Civil War.  For the first six years or so of his life, he was a slave.  Later in his autobiography, Washington tells us what he thought of slavery.  First of all, he noticed that the slaves did not do a good job at what they were doing.  They did not want to because they did not have anything to look forward to in return of their good work.  Since they would get nothing to working, they worked poorly for the masters.  Second, the whites would not trade with the slaves.  Maybe because the whites did not want to give anything in return at all.  Third, the slaves were tempted to steal from the whites.  The slaves did.  Washington even did this himself.  He stole sweet potatoes and ate them.  Lastly, there was a lack of relationship between the whites and the slaves.  There was no family structure.  The slaves felt bitter towards the whites.  The whites did not care about the slaves.